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What Is Koel Plus?


Koel Plus is the premium version of Koel. It offers additional features and enhancements on top of the Community edition, including but not limited to:

  • Multi-library Support: In Koel Plus, each user has their own library, which they populate by uploading their own music.
  • Music Sharing: By default, uploaded music is private to the user who uploaded it. However, users can choose to share their music with others by marking songs as public.
  • Collaboration: Users can invite others to collaborate on their playlists, allowing them to add, remove, and reorder songs.
  • Cloud Storage Support: In addition to local storage, Koel Plus supports remote and cloud storage drivers like SFTP, Amazon S3 (or any S3-compatible service), and Dropbox.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) Support: Users can log into Koel Plus using their existing credentials from another service like Google.
  • Authentication via Proxy-Authorization Header: Seamlessly log in users who are already authenticated via a proxy server, allowing Koel to be used in a corporate environment.

Other features are being planned or actively developed, for example:

  • Refined Roles & Permissions: Create custom roles and assign them to users, controlling what they can and cannot do.
  • Custom Themes: Allow users to customize the look and feel of Koel in addition to the built-in themes.

Do you need Koel Plus?

Since Koel Plus's flagship feature is multi-library support, it's most useful in a multi-user environment, such as a family or an organization. If you're a single user, you might not need Koel Plus.

However, if you want to host your media files on a cloud storage service like Amazon S3 or Dropbox, you'll need Koel Plus. Purchasing Koel Plus is also a good way to support the active development of Koel.