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User Management

First Admin User

Upon installation, Koel prompts to create a first (default) admin user. If you're using the Docker image, the admin user will be created automatically with these credentials:

Password: KoelIsCool
Make sure to change these credentials immediately after logging in for the first time!

Changing First Admin Password

If you forgot the default admin’s password and are unable to log in, you can change it via the command line:

php artisan koel:admin:change-password

Adding More Users

As an admin, you can add more users and manage their profiles under Manage → Users. If Koel has been configured with a mailer, you can also invite a user via email.

Multi-library support

In the Community edition of Koel, all users share the same library (though playlists, favorites, and other stats are private). Koel Plus offers multi-library support, where each user can have their own library with the ability to share and collaborate with others.