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Streaming Music

Streaming Methods

Koel supports three streaming methods which can be configured via the STREAMING_METHOD setting in .env file:

  • php: Uses native PHP file reading. This is the default method.
  • x-accel-redirect: Only applicable if your webserver is nginx. Uses nginx's X-Accel module, designed for serving larger contents directly to the end user. Refer to nginx.conf.example for a sample nginx configuration file.
  • x-sendfile: Only applicable if your webserver is Apache (with or without a proxy server like nginx). Uses Apache's mod_xsendfile module. You'll need to install and configure the module manually. A sample configuration is as following:
    LoadModule xsendfile_module   libexec/apache2/
    # These configuration can be put in the VirtualHost directive as well
    <IfModule mod_xsendfile.c>
      XSendFile on
      XSendFilePath /mnt/media
    Note that although its home page denotes "Apache2/Apache2.2," the module itself is known to work with later versions of Apache as well.


If you're using Koel mobile app and can't play the songs, try switching the streaming method to x-accel-redirect or x-sendfile instead of php.


Koel always uses the native PHP method if you're transcoding or streaming from a cloud storage.

Transcoding FLAC

Koel supports transcoding FLAC to mp3 on the fly when streaming music. This behavior can be controlled via a TRANSCODE_FLAC setting in .env file:

  • false: Disable FLAC transcoding. Koel will stream FLAC files as-is, producing the lossless audio quality. This is the default behavior.
  • true: Enable FLAC transcoding. Koel will transcode FLAC to mp3 on the fly. You'll need to have FFmpeg installed on your server and set its executable path via the FFMPEG_PATH setting in the .env file. The transcoding quality can also be controlled via OUTPUT_BIT_RATE (defaults to 128).